Controller Help

Welcome to 2 Player game mode!

You can play multiplayer using in-game WiFi-Controller, or a compatible Bluetooth controller.

Here are some tips for troubleshooting. If these don’t help, contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly!


If you don’t have a Bluetooth controller, you can still play multiplayer game by using one of your devices as a ‘WiFi-Controller’.

Watch this 1-minute video and see how to connect the 2 devices.

1. WiFiController lagging.

Most likely reason for lag is slow WiFi.
– Check your WiFi signal.
– Check that you are not downloading/uploading (using WiFi bandwidth)

2. WiFiController not showing up.

Make sure both devices are using the same WiFi.

This might happen, especially after multiple connect-disconnects.
Best thing to do is to force-close the game on both players devices.
Click here for how to force close Apple iOS app.
Click here to see 2 methods for force-closing Android apps.

Bluetooth Controller.

1. Connecting Bluetooth controller

You will need to turn bluetooth ON, in your device’s settings. Then use your Bluetooth controller’s manual, to pair the controller with the device. Once the device is paired – it should show up inside the game. If not, try restarting / force-closing the game.

Have fun playing! 🙂